A Queer to Fear

Zines bring people together in a way that other expressions of art and writing just cannot reach. I have found solace and community in the queer zine scene that has proved to me that creating is a magical and rebellious act.

Zines have historically been an outlet and source of communication and community in the underground. They inherently harness the power and magic of DIY culture with their bold, unapologetic, and accessible content.

If you, like myself, have ever doubted making and sharing art or writing: we are part of the revolution. The creation and sharing of these critical concepts through illustration, poetry, prose, essays, comics, music, performance, etc. is what keeps our passion burning and the flames spreading.


From A to Zines

What began as a small project of printing single-page zines became a full scale production. Not only do we offer an array of zines covering a range of topics, but we also explore other forms of expression. We have scaled out beyond our zines and have wearables, other art pieces such as prints, and more. You can also see us tabling and reading at events throughout California (and beyond!) We work closely with other art and publishing crews such as ABO Comix and Silver Sprocket Bicycle Club. If you’re purchasing in bulk for your shop, our chapbooks are available through all major book buying platforms such as Ingram and Baker & Taylor.